"Beer is living proof that God loves us and want us to be happy."
              Ben Franklin, patriot and first U.S. Postmaster General

My name is Dan Perrone and I am passionate           about beer. Or, more specifically, I am passionate about             craft beers and the home brewing of beer which I have done for the past seven years. Considering the amount of money I used to spend to have beers shipped to me that were unavailable in my region of the country, home brewing was a natural "next step" for me. I brew on a high-end, all-grain, natural gas home brewing system in the basement of my home.

Old Post Office Brewing is the name I given to my home brewery.  The brewery is not open to the public it is simply the name I have given to my home brewing hobby.  If you click on the link to my TAP ROOM
you will understand why. 

Today one of two beers sold in the U.S. is from Anheuser
-Busch, and of the remaining 50% of the market, Miller-Coors
make up 29%.  Craft beer represents only about 5% of the 
beer consumed today.(I guess you could say that, "WE ARE 
THE 5%"). If there was ever an industry that strives on the complacency of it's consumers, the beer market in the U.S. has
got to be it.  In a small way,home brewers like me and to a 
larger extent, craft breweries across the country, bring 
alternative choices to people with unbridled passion and with 
an understanding that some things are truly best shared. 

Because homebrewers brew in such relatively small batch sizes (often 5 gallons or approximately 2 cases) at a time, we can afford to experiment.  I have had a "Coconut Porter", for example, from a fellow homebrewer that was made with roasted coconut and chocolate grains that tasted a lot like an Almond Joy in liquid form.  I've made coffee stouts, wildflower honey with camomile wheat beer, bourbon barrel vanilla porter and other unusual beers.  Not all of them have turned out as I had hoped.  However, never overly discouraged, I'll throw out a bad batch and try again.

Each beer is as unique.  Therefore, I refuse to serve my beer in plain, brown bottles when I can create an identity for my beer through custom labels I create that express the "individuality" of each beer.